about Cannasport research

The credo of CANNASPORT® RESEARCH is effectiveness and absolute safety in the use of the substances we have researched in top-class sports. In a market that is not yet sufficiently regulated by law, it is important for us to maintain high standards in research and development. Our goal is to remain the leader in quality and safety.


Doctors, chemists, pharmacists - thousands of specialists have dedicated themselves to research into cannabinoids and other herbal remedies. CANNASPORT RESEARCH is dedicated to researching these substances for their usefulness in competitive sports.


With the help of the existing and comprehensive study situation, it is our task to check, confirm or even refute the applicability in sport. Based on our findings, our partners are able to develop specific products for athletes.


Knowledge should not only be kept to oneself. We see it as our task to inform athletes at first hand about the possible uses of cannabidiol (CBD) and other important plant substances in this context.